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A Young New England Poet

A. T. Nager, Connecticut Artist With Words. At right is the cover of Autumn Leaf: 93 Poems by a young poet. Most were written during his teenage years in New Haven, Connecticut, followed by his undergraduate years at the University of Connecticut (UConn, Storrs).

October Leaf: 93 Poems by A. T. Nager. While we bring more info online, do check out some of the author's teenage poetry on these linked websites (see bar across the top of this page).

Other Poems. Besides his teenage SF novel Star Mate, completed at age 19 while a student at McMahon Hall on the Storrs campus of UConn, A. T. Nager has written over 400 poems. Some are duplicated in these collections. Also shown is his SF novel, completed at age 19 while a Sophomore at the University of Connecticut. More info soon.

October Leaf: 93 Poems
Postcards to my Soul

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Poetry by a talented, visionary teenager