celebrate a 19 year old teenage novelist, published poet, working journalist


= Teenage Author & Poet =

A Young New England Poet

A. T. Nager, Connecticut Artist. The teenage author and poet has collected over 300 poems, and published a selection of 138 in the new edition (see image at right) released by Clocktower Books in Fall 2017.

October Leaf: 93 Poems by A. T. Nager. Meanwhile, here is another collection from the same teenage poet. Some are taken from his Postcards to My Soul collection, while others are new to these poetry collections (but also written in his teens; some in his early 20s). Please click on the text link October Leaf: 93 Poems to visit Amazon's A. T. Nager pages.

You can also click here: October Leaf: 93 Poems

Click for Contents: sample the author's teenage poetry. Book available from Fall 2017.

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