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A Young Soldier's Lost Manuscript Found After 40 Years
= Long-Lost Nostalgic Love Story =
Novel Written Stationed Far From Home Age 27

Twin Volumes. When I wrote the novel On Saint Ronan Street as a young soldier stationed in Cold War Germany, I created a fictional hero who had a passionate love affair with a beautiful, neglected, and lonely young faculty wife in a New England college town. At the same time, I was writing the last of my 425+ poems. I had no idea that one day, forty years later, I would finally be able to publish my novels and poems using new digital and print on demand technologies on the Internet. In 2016, as I unearthed the novel and the poems, I saw that they were really twins separated at birth.

There's a whole lot more amazing info about this set of books, including a Paris version published in 2017 that became The Bells of Notre Dame in 2019 after the disastrous fire at Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. All that needs to be said breathlessly but I'm getting ahead of myself.

In 1976 I wrote the novel (cryptically titled Jon+Merile) that would finally appear as On Saint Ronan Street forty years later in 2016. That's when I decided to also publish a companion book of poetry by the fictional young poet in the novel. Clearly, he was me. The result was a poetry collection titled Cymbalist Poems (a play on the Symbolist Movement of a century ago). More info on all this soon.

Three Books. I've also published a combined (duo) with the poetry and novel in one volume titled 27duet. That choice of titles reflects the classic (myth and coincidence) burnout age of 27. That's when rock stars die, and lyric poets hang up their quatrains and turn to writing lush, atmospheric, very poetic prose.

Here are the poetry volumes mentioned. In the first row, please find Cymbalist Poems on the left, and the duo 27duet on the right, which contains both the poems and the novel. In the second row are two stand-alone poetry collections. In all, the three poetry anthologies contain about 400 or so poems, with a few duplications. More info soon; lots more where all this comes from.


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